Friday, August 13, 2010

3 ways Trend Micros Hosted Email Securty could be improved
If you are not protecting your business with Trend Micro Hosted Email Security then you are probably processing a lot of spam and wasting your bandwidth. This product is worth every cent, however I do have 3 suggestions for improvement:

1. Better business quarantine. Often checking the quarantine is given to an office junior or an IT Manager. The only way to check everybody is to log on as admin and enter every email address one at a time which is a terrible waste of time. I know privacy is an issue but this is business email and a business decision. We need a way to just view anything in quarantine for the whole business (Maybe using a wild card).

2. The biggest concern clients have is losing or getting delayed legitimate email. Currently we are getting more things quarantined which shouldn’t which is no surprise as businesses use more technology the older rules become less effective identifying spam. The biggest flaw in the design is the approved senders list. Currently this just stops the sender from being blocked it does not prevent them from being caught as spam (So it is not a true white list). We need to be able to say give me emails from these people or from this domain NO MATTER WHAT (* Unless a virus). Currently you have to use exceptions in polices which just duplicates the approved senders list and is more overhead. Professionals like lawyers and architects send and receive HTML files and CAD files from businesses and late emails costs clients’ money and reputation.

3. Should have a black list of emails and domains we don’t want to receive from (IP address is kind of helpful but most people have dynamic IPs that a business wants to block)
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