Friday, October 03, 2014

Why Your XP Needs Upgrading Now

Why Your XP Needs Upgrading Now
When Microsoft ended its support of its XP operating system it was the longest running operating system in the history of the company. With the final security patch sent out April 8th, 2014, Microsoft made good on its statement that it was ending all support for the operating system. But with close to 30% of the world's businesses still on the system according to, including several major governments, could businesses be setting themselves up for criminal hacking? It appears it is already happening.

Internet Explorer Vulnerability
Within a few days of ending support for XP, Microsoft was already announcing the first vulnerability to the now unsupported system – Internet Explorer hacking. ComputerWorld reported an advisory from the software giant on criminal activity involving hacking into business computers through the search engine via "drive-bys". These involve users being tricked into going onto dangerous sites that then allow the hackers to use the sites as a backdoor into the company computer systems. XP users now have no way to fight these hackers as the system is particularly vulnerable and patches to counter the latest attacks are no longer available to XP users.

Identifying the Risks
For months as the end time for support approached, everyone from Business News Daily to TechNet has been telling businesses not to wait for that vital upgrade. There is a reason companies like Microsoft upgrade their operating software, and part of it is to fight off hackers. But another reason is that the latest system will be more compatible with other software as well. Here are the six major reasons leading technology writer Sara Angeles gives for upgrading:

  • Security – Unsupported environments that do not include the latest patches are susceptible to a wide variety of security risks. Workstations at companies will be vulnerable to infection and more.
  • Support – Because of the huge risk involved in unsupported operating systems, many IT support departments and services will no longer support them either. The cost of constantly trying to create software patches for systems that are vulnerable will make it too costly.
  • Cost – Because of the lack of support, even if your tech department is willing to work at protecting your system from attacks, it will be costly without the regular updates and patches from Microsoft that support the system and protect it.
  • Compatibility – As more and more software and hardware systems upgrade, it will become harder and harder to find programs and hardware that is still compatible with XP. As this becomes more the norm, businesses will find themselves unable to upgrade other software as doing so will make their system incompatible with the new software.
  • Performance – One of the reasons for Windows to upgrade is that they are constantly finding new ways to make software perform better and in ways that work best for current business situations. This means that, among other problems, your old XP Windows will not be as fast and not have the extended search functions that the new systems have.
  • Productivity – Obviously, struggling with an old system that is no longer compatible with your software, buggy from hackers and slower than the newer systems means your productivity will suffer.

Getting Ready for the Upgrade
So now that you see the need to upgrade from that old XP operating system, you might want to consider the steps you need to take. While many have put off the upgrade because they fear confusion or loss of productivity during the changeover, it doesn't have to be that way.
Start with these three simple preparations:

  • Backing Up Your Data 
  • Performing a Compatibility Audit 
  • Determining Which Windows System is Best for You

Come talk to us about what you can do to move onto a new platform and away from XP now that it no longer has support. If you prepare the way with these three steps, you can move your business away from the unsupported and dangerous XP operating system. You need to do it eventually, why wait until your system is hacked or inoperable to do it?

Monday, August 04, 2014

5 Ways to Use Evernote on Your Tablet

5 Ways to Use Evernote on Your Tablet
Do you possess a tablet mechanism? In the event that you haven't as of recently, make certain to download Evernote to It and look at our tips for getting progressively out of Evernote on your tablet.

For meetings 
In some cases, you would prefer not to drag your portable computer to a gathering. Use Evernote on your tablet to take speedy notes, and in addition to record sound. Everything you catch will immediately synchronize to the various gadgets where you have Evernote fixed (counting your desktop computer!).

For cooking
We all realize that things can get untidy in the kitchen, and you require more space for dishes and fixings than for your portable computer. Use Evernote or Evernote Food to gain entrance to your top pick formulas (web cuts, transcribed notes, and magazine examines) while you're cooking.

For business travel
Going for business methods pressing light and guaranteeing that you — and your work — are portable. Make sure to send essential message correspondences, recovery gathering plans and reports you may need to alter to your Evernote account so you can access them from your tablet. Provided that you're a Premium client, take record books disconnected from the net so you can finish work, actually when you're not associated with the Internet.

For Leisurely reading
Cut articles you need to read later to your Evernote account and do your daily perusing in cot, utilizing Evernote on your tablet.

For multi-tasking
If you've got kids, pets, interests, or work that has a tendency to overflow into the evening time hours, having the ability to handle your to-do — if individual or proficient — is much simpler when you can do them while you're doing something else. Evernote on your tablet gives you a chance to get a bounce on composing a gathering driving force, shoot off a trek agenda, on the other hand read up on your best man discourse from your sofa, in a recreation center or at the cafe.

Have you tried Evernote on your tablet?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Capture Your Social Media Moments with Evernote

How to Capture Your Social Media Moments with Evernote
Your Twitter stream is transitory and frequently hard to pursuit. That is the reason Evernote is an incredible asset for saving the critical bits of that social discussion – significant quotes, articles, restaurant suggestions – and making them accessible and effortlessly searchable.

A couple of years back, we saw this need to catch your Twitter stream, so we started a simple Twitter combination called @myen. From that point forward, administrations have tagged along that interface Evernote to your social stream in amazingly advantageous ways. We will be turning off @myen one week from now. Provided that you've been utilizing it, we suggest exchanging to IFTTT or Zapier, which are considerably more powerful trades. Here's a gander at what makes these apparatuses extraordinary.

Catch Social Remembrances with Evernote Applications and Administrations IFTTT
Provided that This, Then That (IFTTT) interfaces two administrations of your decision, to make a computerized stream called a formula. This is an incredible approach to immediately include content from different informal organizations and administrations to your Evernote Record.

Require impulse for what you can spare into Evernote from Twitter, utilizing IFTTT? Here are some of our top choice formulas:

When you top choice a tweet, it will be sent to Evernote

Send a document of all your tweets to Evernote

Scan through extra formulas made by the neighborhood, study how to make your own or basically click on this formula to attempt it out:

Zapier is an administration that permits you to computerize your workflow by joining Evernote with informal organizations and web administrations. What's a Zap, you ask? Like a formula in IFTTT, a Zap is an association between two applications that robotizes time intensive errands. Here are a few Destroys you can use for Twitter:

Track tweets in Evernote 
Save Twitter specifies to Evernote

Document each tweet for simple access and reference when its required most
How are you utilizing Evernote to catch the best minutes in your social media? Let us know

Friday, July 11, 2014

Stress-Free Holiday Travel with Evernote

Stress-Free Holiday Travel with Evernote
Occasions are a twelve-month reason to overlook the irritates of work and life. They permit us a period to go through with family, companions and friends and family.

Lamentably, the actuality is that the majority of us need to venture out incredible separations to get to them.
Nothing spells out anxiety as the prospect of fighting occupied parkways or going unending hangar security lines.

Today we'd jump at the chance to impart how Evernote can help lighten the ache of occasion travel.

Plan Ahead
Spare time by including vital travel archives like flight and tickets to your Evernote account so you can effortlessly access them at a minute's

Notice. Make an Imparted Note pad that incorporates a rundown of your flight portions, rental auto affirmations and maps with bearings to the lodging or the in-laws' spot.

Pack Accordingly
If you're making a trip to the North Shore of Kauai (would we be able to come?) or the solidified hinterlands of the Upper Midwest (good luck!), it might be troublesome to recall all your pressing needs, particularly in the surge of the occasions. Make an agenda with all the essential things you have to schlep back home incorporating blessings, books and all the atmosphere proper equip if you're headed to places with sand or heaps of snow.

Set Notes a week or two proceeding you travel, so you can begin to order all your travel equip early.
Stand up to security. Go the airfield security prepare with the Triangle Suburbanite Sack by abrasus. A fold-down board permits you to rapidly pull Out laptops and other metal protests without irritate. The vented, outer pocket is an incredible place to put your telephone so it won't get scratched throughout the screening process.

Share Travel Information
Begin planning your family duties, meals and different occasions by making a note with your schedule thoughts and impart it to your family so Everybody can add enter to guarantee you're all on the same page once you arrive.

Manage Work, If Needed
The Evernote coordination with IFTTT gives you a chance to mechanize an interminable show of work-identified undertakings. Hail and advance messages from your supervisor or critical Customers to your Evernote account, so you don't need to more than once check your inbox.

Bring Your Great Peruses with You
Is there any better approach to traverse travel delays or long flights, than perusing a great book or long-structure article? Cut the most recent news and Magazine articles utilizing the Evernote Web Scissors to read on the long auto ride or before loading up the plane.

How are you utilizing Evernote to stay rational throughout?

Friday, July 04, 2014

How To Change the Page Size in Word 2013

How to Change the Page Size:

Page Size
By default, the page size of a new document is 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Depending on your project, you may need to adjust your document's page size. It's important to note that before modifying the default page size, you should check to see which page sizes your printer can accommodate.

To Change the Page Size:
Word has a variety of predefined page sizes to choose from.
1- Select the Page Layout tab and click the Size command.

2- A drop-down menu will appear. The current page size is highlighted. Click the desired predefined page size.

3- The page size of the document will be changed.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Use Custom Margins in Word 2013

How to Use Custom Margins:
Word also allows you to customize the size of your margins in the Page Setup dialog box.
1- From the Page Layout tab, click Margins. Select Custom Margins... from the drop-down menu. 

2- The Page Setup dialog box will appear.
3- Adjust the values for each margin and click OK.

4- The margins of the document will be changed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Format page Margins in Word

How to Format page Margins
Page Margins
A margin is the space between the text and the edge of your document. By default, a new document's margins are set to Normal, which means it has a one-inch space between the text and each edge. Depending on your needs, Word allows you to change your document's margin size.

To Format Page Margins:
Word has a variety of predefined margin sizes to choose from.

  1. Select the Page Layout tab and click the Margins command. 
  2. A drop-down menu will appear. Click the predefined margin size you desire. 
  3. The margins of the document will be changed.