Sunday, August 27, 2006


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I spend last week in Sydney at Microsoft Tech-Ed. Microsofts event of the year for IT geeks. I have been to about 4 Tech-Eds before in New Zealand but this was the first Australian one. It was very interesting but did not live up to prior events I have been to.

It was great to see how Vista and Office 2007 are coming along. The new file format and the fast desktop searching and going to be great for productivity. The new ribbon bar in Office I am struggling with. Doesn't seem very dynamic or friendly to me and it is so hard to find things. I was creating a document today and could not find Heading style 3 anywhere. Opened in Word 2003 and saved and went back to Word 2007. Changing a menu breaks an old standard and I am not sure it is a good thing. Some aspects are good I must say and I like the quick launch and the customibility of it. The down side is going to be that it is different to other applications and MS should really be including a control in .Net to do what the ribbon bar does to ensure a new standard is created and everyone can keep their interfaces working the same.

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