Saturday, December 11, 2010

When mobile broadband goes bad

The big mobile companies are currently heavily pushing mobile broadband, just be careful as it may not be be the right product for you. I use and love mobile broadband because it allows me to work anywhere there is coverage which for work purposes is the right product. The problem is when it is being pushed as a domestic product to be used by computers that our kids use. The reason is that data is a lot more expensive if you go over your limit and 2Gb or 3Gb is not enough for children these days. Windows, Mac, Antivirus and other software updates can use quite a bit of data each month without you doing anything. Even with education children will still install file sharing programs, play YouTube like a TV even when they are not in the room. When a beneficiary comes into our office with a $700 mobile broadband bill saying this cannot be right it makes me angry that someone has sold them the wrong product. Shame on the mobile companies. Consumers need to be able to have fixed quotas. They do have a basic warning system which is a SMS message to the device but that is not enough. Should be able to setup email and SMS messages to the parents phone as well.

If you are parent and plan on getting if for children's use I would suggest the pre-paid option.

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