Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Chrome has taken over my PC by itself

In the words of a great NZ beer, Yeah right. Additional software will install because we hate interruption and click Next, Next Next when we doing an install and unbeknown agree to install it. The problem is these days software like Acrobat and Skype install extra crapware as part of the install unless you do not curiously unselect the option. I guess you could say ok fair enough for free products as the money they earn from the likes of Google helps fund their free software and maybe you could expect this from open source or free software companies but the product I am talking about come from big established commercial software companies which it is poor.

Don’t get me wrong, Chrome is great browser and is in fact my default browser but I despise this insidious installation practice. I have no problem with ads during an install but come on guys you cannot call this permission marketing!

Next time you install and upgrade make sure you take the time to read each screen and untick any offers to install additional software or toolbars.

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