Saturday, April 30, 2011

Change - good, bad and the ugly

I was recently talking to a potential client that was talking about implementing a new system. He said to me the one thing that is guaranteed about change is that you will lose something. I have been thinking about that insightful comment ever since and it is so true. No matter if you are upgrading your operating system, software applications or your car you will find new features and also find things that no longer work the same way and probably some things that just don't work as well.

Some people understand this is really no different to the concept of physics. They embrace the positives of the changes and try not to worry about the things they lose. If something has been taken away this suggests it was not popular. You could generate a support ticket on the vendors helpdesk and see if they get it resolved but you can waste a lot of time messing around recreating the the old. It maybe you were using the technology in an manner the vendor did not expect or support. Put that time into innovation and creating new ways that achieve a better outcome. This then becomes are challenge rather than a problem and most of us find challenges more fun to deal with.

If we think change is a problem and everything should work the way it used to we are not going to innovate. Innovation is critical to business success, especially in distributive times.

Once a year you should review all your processes. Getting a consultant or an outsider to help do the review can be beneficial. Remember there is always room for improvement and nothing is perfect.


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