Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Infinitylaw Legal Conference

I spent two days last week at the annual Infinitylaw legal conference held by Fujitsu in Wellington. Infinitylaw is a highly featured, fully integrated, Legal Accounting, Management, and Marketing System used by top New Zealand law firms.

It was interesting to hear the stories from legal firms describing how they got their businesses on track again after the Christchurch earthquake. A lot of firms used VMware and virtual servers and backed up using Shadow Protect and these were the quickest to get going again. Most firms did not want to talk to their IT provider for about four days as it was more about reuniting with family which is pretty understandable. Once they wanted to get the business going again the time varied depending on if what they still had. One site was lucky enough to recovery the SAN but others had a variety of backups from RDX disks with Shadow Protect images to traditional tape backup. Sites with tape backup took on average two weeks to be up and running again compared with a day or two for the others that had virtual servers or Shadow Protect images.

I have not been a fan of the traditional tape backup for many years and this helps build a case for image based backups and designing our systems with virtualisation and relocation in mind.

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