Saturday, August 06, 2011

How to make Foxit Reader more like Adobe Acrobat

If you are sick of how slow Adobe Acrobat is, or the number of security updates or have problems with it printing and jamming then maybe you should look at Foxit Reader. If you are used to Acrobat you might find some of the differences a challenge to start with but with a few options you can change the settings to make it closer to what you are used to.

  1. Foxit reader uses Tabs by default much like your browser. This means it requires less of your screen when you open a number of PDF files. The downside is that it is harder to compare two different PDF files. The best way to get that feature is to allow multiple instances. You can do this by going into the Tools menu and down to Preferences. The go to Documents and tick the option to Allow Multiple Instances.
  2. The default screen is different for zooming. It is more like MS Word with the zoom at the bottom of the screen rather than on the toolbar at the top. The other thing you can do is turn on the View toolbar. You can do this by going to the View menu and then go down to Toolbars menu and tick the View toolbar. 

When we install new software we tend to just run with the default options. One is because we don't know any better and the other is we don't have the time to learn the new product. If something doesn't work the way you are used to it is worth exploring as software tends to have a lot of features no one knows about that might increase your productivity.

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