Thursday, November 10, 2011

Company name as text on your web site

Just a quick web design tip for your business today. I find a lot of web sites that have logos and images to represent their company name but trying to find the name as text on the web site can be a real challenge. Images and logos are great but have the business name somewhere on your contact page as text. Why is this important?
  • If you deal with the company - be it as a lead, client or supplier there are times you want the company name. It could be to fill out a form or setting up a new client in our database or adding a contact to outlook. When I want this information I find your web site and go to your contact page and copy and paste it. That way I know there are no spelling mistakes (well hopefully anyway :) If you only have images it make it difficult. You want to make your site useful of people that deal with you.
  • It is much better than images for your search engine optimisation because text is much easier to index

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