Saturday, November 05, 2011

Upgrading your iPhone to iOS5

iOS5 is latest operating system for your iphone, ipad or ipod from Apple which has more that 200 new features.

Upgrading your operating system from XP to Windows 7 is something you might normally get your IT provider to do but iOS5 has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to do. There are a few issue that can occur but I have not seen anything to dramatic. Before you start make sure you have a spare couple of hours because it is not a 5 minute process.

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of iTunes
  2. When it asks to upgrade to iOS5 say no. 
  3. Delete any apps in iTunes you do not use any more and have a bit of a tidy up.
  4. Do a sync of your iDevice. 
  5. At this point it is a good idea to turn off your Anti-Virus. I had a problem with this when backing up the phone and good a 5000 error. Turning off the Anti-Virus and doing it again it worked correctly.
  6. Go to your iDevice and to the version panel and commence the upgrade. This will start by downloading the new OS which will take about 30minutes.
  7. Next it will backing everything up and load the new operating system.
  8. It will then restore the apps. It might appear to hang at this point but it is because it is waiting for you to run through a wizard on the phone. 
  9. Run through the wizard and it will continue to restore the apps. 

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