Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eleven Ways NOT to Waste Your IT Investments

It’s insane to waste business money, especially when it concerns your Company’s IT investments. Stop this madness by following these 11 tips:

  1. Do not put your company’s server room in the restroom. This sounds outrageous; however, there are companies that actually do this. My own eyes have witnessed one in the toilet. Please use your restrooms for bodily function purposes only – not IT department purposes. 
  2. Do not settle for cheap Information Technology options. Keep in mind the firm saying “you get what you pay for” because this is true. So, cheap isn’t better when it comes to IT investments. 
  3. Don’t off and run to retailers like Disk Smith Electronics or Harvey Norman to buy a new printer without consulting your IT department first. Just as you’re always advised to consult your doctor before starting a new diet, the same advice goes for your Information Technology. Yes, it’s just that important! 
  4. Do not wait until you hire a new person to call the IT department and request a new computer, network jack and cell phone. As a business, you should always be step ahead of the plan, so have all this in place beforehand. 
  5. Don’t plan for your servers to last 5 or more years. As anybody knows, life has a lot of unexpected moments. This goes for business as well. So never assume you can have a server for five years or else you may be disappointed that it last only three years. 
  6. Do not take your IT department for granted by considering them a distraction from your profits. In actuality, they empower you to increase your productivity as well as generate more revenue. 
  7. Do not wait until your IT equipment breaks down in order to fix it. Keep in mind when your business slows down, so does your money. Avoid this scenario by monitoring, maintaining and replacing your IT on a regular basis. 
  8. Don’t build something and think that people will come. This mentality is similar to thinking a puppy will come because you order to do so – people aren’t animals taught to obey their masters! Therefore, don’t bother wasting your money on installing a system for a nonexistent problem. 
  9. Do not consider a little business downtime as a golden opportunity to take a break. Wrong! This can hurt your business big time; particularly in monetary means. Be well prepared for business continuity as well as disaster recovery. 
  10. Do not neglect providing your IT department with ongoing technical training. Granted, they should already be skilled in Information Technology; however, this is an evolving business. So for the sake of your business’ success, keep them up to date on what’s going on in the IT world. 
  11. Do not fail to budget for equipment replacement and IT support. Everything wears out. If you’re going to run a smooth business, you best to be prepared for it. So include it in your budget and it will save you from hitting the wall with a mad fist because you didn’t. 
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