Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ultra Fast Broadband in Wanganui

Having recently used ultra-fast broadband at a clients in Napier I have been looking forward to Wanganui being one of the first to get it. Today I was surprised to see that our office will not get it for another two years. Likewise for a number of businesses in Wanganui. They have done the retail area of the CBD but not all the fringe areas like Bell Street and Wicksteed Street which have a lot of Legal, Accounting and Medical Practices which would probably be some of the higher users of UFB. Strangely my home will get fibre before these businesses which raises a few questions on the design to me as I would have done the complete CBD to encourage business into Wanganui before doing the residential areas.

Ultra-fast broadband finder

Update: The mapping data they use is not very accurate and if you search for your address by company name it can give you a different result to searching by street address. For example we are more than a block wrong when searching by company name so this is not using Google map data.

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