Monday, December 03, 2012

The Problem isn’t Multinational Taxes … Instead it’s David Clark’s Mentality!

Labour Party revenue spokesperson David Clark recently stated that New Zealand "is going to find it increasingly difficult to tax multinational, digital-based companies like Google and Facebook" and that multinational, digital businesses were "making a mockery of tax loopholes."

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David Clark’s views are about as close-minded as the media companies complaining about their old failing business models while trying to destroy people like Kim Dotcom rather than sitting back and looking for ways to innovate. Stop bitching about the new world and work out a way to live and thrive in it!

These companies are no different from anybody else in New Zealand or around the world that hire an accountant to minimize their tax obligation. No one wants to pay more taxes than they have to. That’s why they use legal means to reduce their taxes.

Ireland is clever with its tax operation. New Zealand should search for innovative ways to make our country a world class technology hub. Although we might get a lower percentage in taxes, think about the upside of this: huge gains in jobs, product development, and more money coming through New Zealand books.

Our country simply can’t afford to have a limited mindset such as David Clark’s, especially if we want to move forward with the rest of the world in being globally competitive. The best thing David Clark can do to help New Zealand in this matter is to open his mind to the change arising around him.

Multinational digital companies have carried us into a dimension that enhances our lives. And for Clark to complain about low percentage taxes of these companies is frankly an embarrassment to our great country.

To sum it up …

New Zealand would be better off with Clark shutting up and learning to embrace the global change that is actually making business better for New Zealand businesses.

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