Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick things you can do using Google

Google provides instant answers to more and more to save you having to go off to other web sites. In the IT industry we quite often would like to know what a persons public ip address is. In the past we would send people to dedicated web sites like IP Chicken and whatsmyipaddress but now we don't need the extra click and Goolge tells you the answer straight away by simply saying "my ip".

Google is also a great calculator. You can simply say 10+5 and it will give you an answer as well as displaying a calculator.

I have long used Google for helping me spell better as like a lot of IT people spelling is not a strong skill and the dictionary in Microsoft Office never understands me but Google nearly always does. You can also use it to learn the meaning of words. Simple say define in front of the word. eg define luddite

Other instant answers include time. eg NZ time will give you the current date time in New Zealand. Finding out conversions for example 10 ft to meters or 12 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit and even currency like 1 nz to usd.  

I probably sound like a Google fan boy and to a large degree I am as the small things like this adds so much value to my life.

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