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Five Reasons to Have a Contract with an IT Company

Five Reasons to Have a Contract with an IT Company

When you’re running a business, you don’t want to experience IT system breakdowns. However, it’s a reality that all businesses encounter.

There is something, however, that you can do about it: Be prepared for these network breakdowns. The best way to do this is by working with an IT company. To take it further, you should have a contract with this IT company.

Misconceptions about contracting with an IT Company

Not all IT companies use contracts with their customers. They claim that they don’t want to bind them with this vital legal document.

However, what customers don’t know about these types of IT companies would definitely change their minds about working with them. For instance, contract-free IT companies charge for every phone call a business makes to them; additionally, they can then charge as much as they like for their services, very often much higher than an IT company bound by its contract and commitment to its customer.

And it gets worse …

When your network breaks down, you don’t get immediate service. Because an IT tech is likely unavailable, you might have to wait as long as 48 hours before you’re finally serviced. Therefore, you’ll join a long waiting list of other companies desperately seeking service.

When your network is finally serviced, it’s often not done properly. The IT company just patches up your IT system – resulting in future failure. Thus, you’ll need their service again.

And worst of all …

This whole ordeal causes you to lose revenue. The longer your network is down, the more business and money you’ll lose. And as any business knows, losing money hurts.

Why Having a Contract with an IT Company is Positive

When you sign a contract with an IT company such as NZCS, this is a positive decision for your business. For starters, you’re not locked into a contract like contract-free IT companies want you to believe. You’re simply forming a relationship that involves a commitment similar to marriage.

With that commitment, here’s what you get:

  • Flat rate service, which includes being able to call NCZS whenever you need our IT service. Because there’s no additional charge with this type of service, it’s much cheaper than paying the call-out charges non-contracting IT companies are known for. 
  • When you call NZCS, we will respond to your network issues immediately. We know you can’t put your business on hold, and we don’t want you to. Furthermore, since NZCS uses cloud technology to remotely monitor and access your systems, we have the capability to restore normal network operations in the shortest possible time scale. Within 5 minutes of calling us, you could be up and running again. 
  • A contract is a legal way to hold a company by its word. Without one, a company is capable of lying throughout the business transaction. Good luck trying to sue them minus a contract! 
  • NZCS is a small business that cares about its customers. When you contact us, we’re going to take care of you. As this is a partnership, it is in everybody’s interest that the highest quality of service is provided. 

And best of all …

  • Given that your network is down for the minimum possible time, you won’t lose any revenue. In fact, you might gain money. This is because businesses that use contract-free IT companies could be down for so long that their customers will go to businesses that are up and running – businesses such as yours. 

So, with all the positive results that come from signing a contract with an IT company, you can go home with peace of mind. You know your business’ network is in good hands.

If you want your business to run smoothly without the threat of losing customers and revenue, choose an IT company that works with contracts.

Choose New Zealand Computing Solutions as your IT provider and experience the difference.

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