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Create and Edit a Note with Evernote

Create and Edit a Note with Evernote
Create and Edit a Note
An Evernote note can catch practically anything, incorporating content, pictures, records, sound, Web Cuts and that's just the beginning. All notes are searchable, making them simple to find when you require them. Evernote even hunt down written and written by hand message inside appended pictures.

Creating a New Note 
To make another note, click the New Note symbol, found at the top-middle of the requisition window. As a matter of course, the note will be made in your default record book. You can likewise click the drop-down menu to make the note in an alternate journal.

When made, your note will immediately be spared to Evernote and adjusted over all your gadgets.

Adding Attachments 
Practically anything might be connected to a note, incorporating indexes, pictures and sound. To include a connection, move and customize it into the assemblage of your note, or utilize any of the accompanying binds in the Note Supervisor:

 Audio: Click to join sound utilizing any good receiver.
  File: Click to append a picture or any document.

Formatting Text 
To configuration message in a note, utilize any of the designing instruments as you might in a typical word processor:

Font Tools:
Click to change the font, font estimate and font styles.

Layout & Special Element Tools:
Click to arrange content or make bulleted and numbered records, or to embed unique components, for example a checkbox, table or level guideline.

Removing Text Formatting 
At times you might want to glue message into a note and uproot all organizing on that content (evacuate strong, italics, sizes, and other rich content). Uprooting designing is particularly accommodating when replicating and gluing content from a page with an assortment of fonts, layouts. Here are a couple of approaches to wipe out the designing:

Paste as Plain Text:
Rather than gluing into the note not surprisingly, select Alter > Glue as Content. The stuck content will be embedded into the note without any arranging whatsoever.

Simplify Formatting: 
Select Arrangement > Disentangle Arranging to change over a whole note into a default font measure, font shade, and line dispersing while holding essential rich content designing (striking, italics, underline, hyperlinks, and visual cues).

Remove formatting:
Select Arrangement > Uproot arranging to change over a whole note into a plain settled width font and estimate with no content organizing whatsoever.

Editing a Note 
To alter the substance of a note, click it in the Note Record to showcase its substance in the Note Supervisor, then click anyplace in the group of the note to make alters. You might additionally twofold click the note to open it in a divide window.

Deleting a Note 
To erase a note, essentially click it in the Note Record to select it, then hit the Erase key on your console. The note will be moved to your Junk Journal.

Changing Note Details 
To alter data around the range of a note, click theNote Info button at the upper right of the Note Proofreader. You can change a note's area items, made and overhauled dates, view Note History (Evernote Premium characteristic), and different portions.

Now that you have a note, let's sync it so that it's available across all your devices

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