Thursday, May 08, 2014

Holiday Menu Planning with Evernote

Holiday Menu Planning with Evernote

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve got a few quick tips to help you prepare.

Gather Your Favorite Recipes
Download the Evernote Web Clipper and begin gathering formulas from your top choice locales and writes. Everything you spare from the web will be accessible to you all over the place you have introduced Evernote, incorporating your versatile units.

Got Evernote Food? All the formulas spared to your Evernote record will immediately be pulled into Evernote Food so you can carry your tablet into the kitchen for a helpful, simple to-read reference.

The Scansnap Evernote Edition Scanner makes it basic and quick to digitize physical formulas and compose them in Evernote. Examine your grandma's transcribed pie directions, magazine pages or 3×5 formula cards to expand your computerized formula accumulation.

Make a Game Plan 
When you've gathered your formulas, pull together a day-of approach — when the turkey needs to go in the stove, when to defrost the pie mixture, and so on. Make a New Note with a shopping list checklist so you don't need to run out a minute ago for a stick of margarine. Set a Reminder the day preceding to guarantee anything that needs to stretch out beyond time is finished.

Begin a Tradition 
Take the worry of occasion arranging one year from now by sparing everything in Evernote. Make a New Notebook called "Holiday 2014? and save your formulas, shopping lists, strategy, and any notes about top choice dishes and slumps. One year from now, you can spare time scanning for formulas, maintain a strategic distance from any cooking fiascos, and avoid the arranging stage completely.

We trust you have a great holiday!

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