Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Capture Your Social Media Moments with Evernote

How to Capture Your Social Media Moments with Evernote
Your Twitter stream is transitory and frequently hard to pursuit. That is the reason Evernote is an incredible asset for saving the critical bits of that social discussion – significant quotes, articles, restaurant suggestions – and making them accessible and effortlessly searchable.

A couple of years back, we saw this need to catch your Twitter stream, so we started a simple Twitter combination called @myen. From that point forward, administrations have tagged along that interface Evernote to your social stream in amazingly advantageous ways. We will be turning off @myen one week from now. Provided that you've been utilizing it, we suggest exchanging to IFTTT or Zapier, which are considerably more powerful trades. Here's a gander at what makes these apparatuses extraordinary.

Catch Social Remembrances with Evernote Applications and Administrations IFTTT
Provided that This, Then That (IFTTT) interfaces two administrations of your decision, to make a computerized stream called a formula. This is an incredible approach to immediately include content from different informal organizations and administrations to your Evernote Record.

Require impulse for what you can spare into Evernote from Twitter, utilizing IFTTT? Here are some of our top choice formulas:

When you top choice a tweet, it will be sent to Evernote

Send a document of all your tweets to Evernote

Scan through extra formulas made by the neighborhood, study how to make your own or basically click on this formula to attempt it out:

Zapier is an administration that permits you to computerize your workflow by joining Evernote with informal organizations and web administrations. What's a Zap, you ask? Like a formula in IFTTT, a Zap is an association between two applications that robotizes time intensive errands. Here are a few Destroys you can use for Twitter:

Track tweets in Evernote 
Save Twitter specifies to Evernote

Document each tweet for simple access and reference when its required most
How are you utilizing Evernote to catch the best minutes in your social media? Let us know

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